Range Commands and Step-By-Step Shooting Procedure

Shooters to the Firing Line
Verify use of Eye Protection and Ear Protection if needed
*Preparation period begins now
Used in competitions, specify duration
*Preparation period is over
Is the Line Ready?
Respond by firing point number
The Line is (Not) Ready
Resolve any issues
Commence Firing

  1. Pick up your Gun
  2. Safety On
  3. Bolt Open
  4. Charge the Gun
  5. Load the Pellet
  6. Close the Bolt
  7. Assume your Shooting Position
  8. Aim
  9. Safety Off
  10. Fire
  11. Safety On
  12. Bolt Open

Repeat steps 4-12 until all rounds are fired
Cease Firing
Anyone may call “Cease Fire” if a safety issue is present. All shooting must stop immediately. Safeties On, Bolts Open, guns on the bench pointed downrange.
Make your gun Safe
Safety On, Bolt Open
Ground your Gun
Safety On, Bolt Open, lay gun in the bench with the bolt handle point up and insert Empty Chamber Indicator
Step back from the Firing Line to the Ready Line
The Line is Safe
You may go down range and inspect your targets. We proceed to the left of the benches in an orderly fashion. We come back to the ready line from the right side of the benches.