Advanced Air Rifle

Lesson 1 – Master the shooting positions and develop your own shooting stance

  1. Bench-rest position, both supported and unsupported
  2. Standing position, arm-rest, free-arm and sling-assist
  3. Kneeling position
  4. Sitting position
  5. Prone position
  6. Use of different shooting positions for accuracy, in various shooting disciplines, and in competition

Lesson 2 – Combining sight alignment and sight picture and defining your natural point of aim

  1. Common techniques for bringing the shooter, rifle and target into alignment
  2. Repeatable exercises
  3. Perfect practice
  4. Developing muscle memory

Lesson 3 – Understanding breath and hold control

  1. Inhale, relax, exhale, relax, repeat
  2. The six second rule
  3. Chest expansion and belly breathing
  4. Know your limit and control your hold
  5. Improve gradually

Lesson 4 – Breakdown of the elements of trigger control

  1. Using trigger play and slack to your advantage
  2. Managing trigger creep
  3. Practice squeeze and push
  4. Trigger finger isolation
  5. Allowing the trigger break to always surprise you

Lesson 5 – Calling your shot and follow through

  1. Maintain concentration
  2. Keep your eye on the target
  3. Taking a mental picture and keeping it in a picture gallery
  4. Learning why the shot went high, low, left or right
  5. Accept the imperfect shot and correct the future shot